March 27th, 2017
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Take a Few Minutes and Listen to The Story That Is Going to Change Your Life Forever... 

Right off the bat, before you get frustrated by another long, rambling sales video and letter that shows off fake profit screen shots... 

Only to realize that the product you've been swindled into buying isn't something you actually want... 

Let me just tell you, I'm different. 

I know they all say they are different, but I really am, and I can prove it, right now:

1. I don't have a single fake screenshot.

2. I will TELL YOU what my software is and what it does BEFORE you buy it.

I know it's gotten ridiculous. 

You probably get a zillion different emails every day. 

And they're all for "super products" with incredibly compelling sales letters... 

...which probably had more effort put into them than the actual products did.


Well, I won't spend ten minutes bashing this style of marketing. I just can't imagine getting every other sale refunded. 

I'd rather do what marketers everywhere should be doing...

... and simply promise you this:


You will know exactly what you're getting before you click "buy".


Sound good? OK. Here we go.

My name is Brandon Wheeler. 

Some people call me "Early," short for "Early Days."

Weird? Yes.

But it's because I worked in Internet marketing and website promotion, back in the days before everyone and their grandma knew how to do SEO. 


It's a little bit nostalgic, but it's fun to remember the first several years of making my living easily on the Internet. 

I like to tell stories about how much easier it was back in the day.

And when I tell these stories, it makes my IM and affiliate marketing friends' mouths water with jealousy.

I'd like to tell you one now, if you have just a few minutes to spare.

It's full of romance... broken by desperation... 

stacks of bills... more desperation...

pet shops... 

and then a lucky number gamble that created something so powerful that 7 ex Google & Yahoo programmers wanted it for themselves.




I worked full time "back in the early days" promoting websites through search engines.

And let me just tell you, it was SO much easier then... than it is now.

I do NOT envy anyone trying to break into the Internet Marketing crowd today.

Back then, I could get thousands upon thousands of hits with no problem...

No effort...

It was like a continuously flowing river of new viewers constantly coming in.

And that kind of traffic always means tons of cash.

I was living the life that Internet marketers are scrambling for today. 

The one with all the fixings that everyone wants...


It was almost magical. Disneyland style. Where dreams become a reality, and all that jazz.

As you can probably imagine, money was never a problem for me with all that easy traffic flowing in. 

And "never a problem" is a huge understatement.

It was the kind of traffic that anyone trying to make a living online would probably kill for now... 

And I do mean kill. Because I know at certain points later in my life, I would have killed to get that mile-wide river of traffic to come flowing back into my websites. 

And I know that Internet marketers and others who depend on wide flows of traffic would too. 

Thankfully, you don't have to commit murder to get it... but, we're not quite there yet.


Looking back, I can't tell you why I thought those easy days of effortless paychecks would last.

Because when you have something that good, it's not going to stay a secret for very long.

Everyone is going to want in.

And they did want in. And they did get in.

It absolutely killed Internet marketing as I knew it.

The market became saturated.

Everyone was putting their best Search Engine Optimization feet forward and stealing all of my traffic.

Bang!My money. My easy lifestyle.

That sudden onslaught of competition was more than my little company could handle.

Eventually we went under and I had to...

It's so painful, to remember what I had to do.

The way I'd gotten used to living off of that easy traffic changed practically overnight.

On came the bills. On came the stress. On came the late nights worrying and worrying.

I'm still completely ashamed of what I had to do.

I had to get a job, obviously.

But where I got a job is the most embarrassing part.

I went to work... at a pet shop. 


I'm ashamed to say that I gave up on making money online. 

After repeated failures and months of bills going unpaid, you start to hear your mother in your head...

"Get off the computer and go get a REAL job!"

I had  a real job. I had the money, the clothes, the lifestyle. I wasn't fiddling around playing video games. 

But that frustration was going to get me nowhere. I was outnumbered by the hoards of folks who wanted my dream... and they took it.

So I gave up. I went and got a "real job."

My real job was getting paid minimum wage to have birds crap on me. 

It was shoveling old bedding into garbage cans. 

Being bitten by at least a dozen different animals before noon.

Showing little girls kittens and watching hungry snakes eat helpless mice. 

Day in. Day out. 

I would get up in the morning and tie on my apron (Yes... I had to wear an apron) and pray wholeheartedly for the

Earth to open up and swallow me whole...

Just like the snakes ate the mice...


Looking back, it was almost a noble vocation. Someone had to feed the puppies and fish. Someone had to clean up the poo. It might as well have been me...

Except I knew what it was to live the good life. 

I had tasted the sweet richness of never worrying about money. 

Even beyond "not worrying." I knew what it was to have practically anything I wanted. 

I drove a nice car. Wore snappy clothes that made me feel ten times richer than I actually was. 

I lived the life everyone dreams of living. And I was going to get it back if it killed me. 

I couldn't be content scooping dried food and bagging fish and listening to the animals scuffle around their bare cages all day.

I mean...

Could you?

Just imagine looking at the most adorable animals, caught up in a cage all day.

Then your imagination starts to go wild and you realize that you're exactly the same.

Yes, I too was an adorable beagle stuck in a glass cage with nothing but hard tile beneath my feet...

Trapped when I should have been running through the warm air with grass under my paws...

Splashing into a giant pool after a slimy tennis ball...

...See? I had to get out of there! 

It wasn't until July 7 that everything changed (and that day is important, so remember it). 

I was fiddling around on my computer, deleting old files and desperately wishing I didn't have to get up and commute to the pet shop for yet another droning shift. 



What I found as I was cleaning was just a bunch of specifications and some old code for a piece of software I was working on back in the early days.

The project was abandoned because it wasn't applicable then.

Then a light bulb went off in my head.

As it turns out, my bit of coding knowledge was way ahead of its time...

Because that bit of old code and specs were about to explode into something new and wildly profitable. 

The software may have been useless back in the day, but now it could be applied to the modern day search engine and online advertising scene. 

It could be a complete game changer... If I could get it programmed.

That's where the next challenge popped up. 

I'm pretty solid with websites and whatnot, but when it comes to programming I'm a dumb doornail.

And even though I'm programming doornail dumb, I knew it was going to take an armada of programmers to get this software done.

And an armada of programmers is not cheap to fund. I knew I was going to need some serious cash, fast.

But on a bird poo salary, where was I going to find the thousands and thousands I would surely need?

I frantically called up my brother, who happens to be a banker, and begged him to help me get approved for a loan against my condo. 

He agreed and I was approved for a $77,000 loan. 

I started noticing something a little out of the ordinary surrounding this new turn in my life.

jackEverything had the number 7. 

I found that old software on the 7th day of the 7th month (July). 

Then I got approved for a $77,000 loan. 

I'm not normally superstitious, but after doing some research on the history of 7, it was nice to know that maybe someone somewhere was giving me the "go-ahead".

Had I known that everytime the lucky number 7 showed up, something amazing was going to happen, I wouldn't have worried for a second about the risks I was taking.

Nevertheless, I knew it was now or never. 

Everything was riding on these scraps of code, specs, and an idea several years ahead of its time. 

So, with the extra comfort of the number 7 on my side, I found an ideal programming firm online and made an appointment to see them.

The night before my appointment I paced for hours around my condo... that might not be my condo anymore if the deal didn't work.

This isn't going to work, something said.

Of course it is, and then you'll be rich and back to where you were, another something said. 

Codswallop, the first something argued.

And so, around and around I paced. It HAD to work. I had no other options. It just had to.

The next morning, I was sitting with a representative from the programming firm, choking down bitter coffee and trying not to scream, cry, or throw myself out the twenty-story window.

The bottom line came to $125,000.

That was far more than I'd thought. Almost double the price I'd prepared for. 

My chosen armada was definitely not cheap. 

And there was no lucky 7 to guide me.

So, with my throat desert dry and my hands shaking, I signed the contract.

I did not have an extra $50k. Not in my bank account, not in assets, and not in "begging funds" from my family or friends.

My whole life was now literally riding on this one last stab at making it on the Internet.

If it failed, they'd take my condo.

They'd take my car.

They'd take my firstborn son... even though I didn't have one yet.

They'd take every last scrap of material that I owned until the huge debt was paid off.

Needless to say, the next 8 weeks of waiting for the software to be developed was not easy.

Every day with the animals at the pet shop was living hell.

I don't want to go into too many details... but you can imagine how hard waiting for the chance of a lifetime... with your entire financial life in limbo... can be.

Like a little kid waiting for Christmas.

It took two whole months of waiting until I finally got the call I'd been waiting for.

On my way to the company's office, my insides churned. The lead developer said he had a surprise for me.

Another $50k on the bill? Or maybe they'd done it for $50k less, and the software was just OK.

Even that would've been fine with me.

When I got to the conference room, I was shocked to see how packed it was.

There were the 10 employees that I was familiar with.

Then there were 7 extra people I didn't recognize. 

This was the surprise he was talking about.



Programmers from some of the most successful search engines in history wanted in on my little piece of code.

And they wanted to pay me handsomely to just partner on the software.

I couldn't believe it.

I had done it.

I'd scored the jackpot.

Hit the Ace-Ten.

That was the only explanation, right?

Why would the top industry guys want in if the software was a dud?

I kindly told them I would consider the offer then scooped up my software and jetted home to take my chicken dinner for a test run.

I had to see it work before I could relax.

So, without adieu, I installed the software and let it run.

I was 100% blown away. It worked.

Not only did it work, but that little orphaned code worked wonders.



I'm Ready Brandon, Let Me In!

It looked like the longer I let the software run, the more money I made. 

It was a cash trap.

A magnet.

A bona fide dam for the giant Internet traffic river I'd once had the pleasure of controlling.

It was absolutely unbelievable.

After I breathed a ginormous sigh of relief, my next reaction was, "I have to tell EVERYONE!"


I had made it big back in the early days with very little effort.

I wanted EVERYONE to be able to feel what it's like to make big money with little work.

Like pulling the jackpot at a slot machine. Cha-ching!

So, I emailed one of the biggest Internet marketing gurus I knew, and asked him if he wanted to test drive the software.

A part of me still couldn't believe it was true... and I needed an outside opinion to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

He replied back and said that I should absolutely charge a monthly fee for it.

He also said I should charge $2500 PER MONTH, and that was reasonable.

No way was I going to do that!

I replied back and said that $59/month sounded much less scary... and that made it available for newbies to the IM world.

Let Me In Right Now For Just $59 Per Month!

The guru emailed me back and said I was absolutely off my rocker. Completely crazy to let it go for that cheap.

He did give me one good piece of advice though: limit each user's maximum so the market doesn't get flooded.

Oversaturated, is what he meant.

Like last time. Back in the early days.

Now THAT was good advice!

Now, remember I promised that I'll tell you what the software is before you buy it?

Here it is:

The software that I paid $125,000 and two months of nail-biting, heart-attack inducing stress for is called

Submission WorksLogo

100% turn-key Hosted Software

Each user can submit up to 7 links to their websites, squeeze and sales pages in the member's area of the Submission Works website.

That's all the work needed on your end.

You just keep maintaining your pages, change out your links when you're done with an old one, and the software does the rest.

Then, your pages show up in front of everyone.

You know what? I'm going to do you one better.

You know what those "other" Internet marketing sales letters don't give you?

A Frequently Asked Questions page. Right on the letter.

So, here you go!


It's that easy.

Let Me In Right Now Brandon!

I asked the programmers to make sure that the software was so user friendly, anyone could join and make Submission Works work for them.

Maybe that's where the extra $50k came from!

I've tested the software on the most newbie of newbies, one of my very old friends... who struggled with even the most simple of Internet Marketing programs. 

If HE could do it, anyone could. 

After a few struggles and re-developments, I got the software to where anyone--even my King of the Newbies friend--could literally plug in their links, and then watch the software roll in all new, 100% viable and converting traffic.

You might think there are a lot of prerequisites to even get this program to work.

But there aren't.

You DON'T need...

no need

All you need is your product, a link to it, and Submission Works on your side to start making real cash, exactly like the accounts that I've just shown you.

Now, I know I'm crazy for letting anyone besides myself even know this program exists.

That's why I can't tell you any more about the software right now.

Remember those 7 ex-Google and Yahoo programmers? They could have re-programmed the whole thing themselves, if they'd been in on the specs.

That's why I'm keeping this software under wraps, only unveiling it to members.




Let Me In Right Now Brandon!


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In fact, I won't be surprised if something very similar to Submission Works shows up on the market in the next month...

But, isn't the original always best? I think so!

I know I'm even MORE insane for charging only $59/month to use the software... again... that I spent $125k developing.

I know, because I've been told that to my face by one of the most prominent Internet marketers out there.

And 7 links per month... I know they're coming for me with a strait jacket, right now.

Because I'm completely bloomin' crazy.

So, I think you should definitely join before I come to my senses and realize I could make more money by keeping the software to myself!

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To Your Submission Works,


Brandon "Early Days" Wheeler

PS. I eventually DID make enough from Submission Works, not only to pay off the loan on my condo and the extra surprise $50k... but to quit my AWFUL job at that pet store.

Good-bye bird poo and snakes and other snapping, biting animals!

Hello-oo freedom!

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